Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time Capsule..?

I found an old black suitcase that was stored on top of my wardrobe the other day. Its been there for ages. Inside I found really interesting things, I knew I had them, but I forgot all about them. Some of the things belonged to me... and other things.
I found a box full of seashells. I've had them for years! I remember when I was collecting them. I spent the whole day on the beach looking for shells. They were really tiny! Really colorful and all shapes and sizes.

I also found an old pair for glasses, they were my late grandmother's

Make-up that belonged to my other grandmother. They are probably more than 25 years old!

A few necklaces (also my grandmother's) maybe 30-something years old.

And... an episode guide for Star Trek's "The Next Generation's" first two episodes! Its a tiny little booklet, it's so cute! I have no idea how it got there!!

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