Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In Ten Years?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I know this is a commonly asked question, and the answer is usually spontaneous, living in a suburban house with two kids.. becoming a successful doctor or engineer.. having achieved my dreams (whatever those dreams are).
I was asked this question a while ago, and my answer was that I see myself living a content (I won't say happy.. but content) life with two maybe three kids, a busy mom, homeschooling her kids (of course) baking, cooking, washing, taking the kids to the park, crying every now and then because life seemed more promising before marriage, enjoying outings with the whole family.. arguing a lot with my mother-in law, and so on...
Well.. I thought about it afterwards, and I asked myself this question again, and my answer was, I don't know...
I honestly don't! If I were asked this very same question ten years ago, I would have never, in my wildest dreams, imagined myself where I am right now.
Ten years ago, I was living in my hometown, Toronto, and suddenly, I find myself living in a country I wouldn't have even thought of visiting!
When my grandmother married my grandfather years ago in Damascus, Syria, she never imagined herself living somewhere she never knew existed on the map!
Strange, yet simple things might happen to us, and they change the course of our lives.
In my case, it was an accident. In other cases it could be something as simple as a business deal, a phone call, a signed piece of paper, or even a feeling.
Where do I see myself in ten years? I do not have an answer to that question, my life has been so unpredictable so far.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wonders of Nature

Day fifteen... dated Nov/28/09

No amount of words could explain the feeling of witnessing an extraordinary sunset. Watching the sun as it peacefully sets into the horizon. Or looking up at the sky on a warm summer's night, and watch as the stars flicker and twinkle, dancing around the glowing moon.
I'm grateful for being able to see such wonders. I'm grateful for my sight.

Monday, December 28, 2009

It is Time to WAKE UP!

I wasn't really surprised when I came upon this youtube video the other day, because I already know that music, especially rock 'n' roll and pop are not merely entertainment, they are more than just that.
This video reveals a secret satanic message hidden in Led Zeppelin's song "Stairway to Heaven". If you play the song backwards, you can clearly hear that message.

Here are the original lyrics:

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow
Don't be alarmed now
It's just a spring clean
For the May queen

Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change
The road you're on

Sounds fine, right? (although if you analyze the lyrics and read deep into them, you will find that these lyrics have other subliminal message)
Now listen to these same lyrics played backwards...

If you don't believe this, download any audio editing software, play the song backwards and listen for yourself.

These messages are not only found in this particular song, but MANY other pop and rock songs. Not necessarily satanic messages, and you might not understand the significance of these messages, but your subconscious mind sure does!!!

To further understand how secret messages are embedded into songs we listen to everyday, and how these messages control our minds, I suggest you watch the documentary "The Workings of Evil" on youtube.
This documentary analyzes the song "Umbrella" by Rhianna.
While the creator of this documentary is speaking from a secular point to view, we can easily view it from an Islamic point of view, and it will make much more sense.
I wouldn't watch this at night if I were you, especially alone, in the dark, when everyone has gone to sleep.. wooOOoooo ooo *clears throat* sorry... (lol)

Haven't you ever wondered why songs make you feel things? Depression, sadness.. unexplained anger.. rage.. sometimes excitement.. other times loneliness? Well, now you know why! It's not just the hidden messages, its they way the song is being sung. The musical instruments used in the song, and the mood the song puts you in, all those factors are being used to control your mind without you knowing, and you are gladly taking part in this dirty conspiracy!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photography... Oh Beautiful Photography!

Day fourteen... dated Nov/24/09

I became interested in photography last year. Since then, I began feeling more connected with the world around me, especially nature. Photography made me appreciate small things, and explore new places. It opened my eyes, and made me alert. It made colors more vivid, and the light more radiant!
I'm grateful for photography, for making my life more interesting!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

10 Things I Like About Photography

1- It makes you see the world from different angles
2- Gives you more reasons to go sight seeing
3- You appreciate simple, beautiful things with photography
4- Makes you look sophisticated and intelligent while you snap away with your camera :)
5- Makes you appreciate the works of other photographers, and not just stare at their photos
6- Its a hobby that can bring you money!
7- You're out of ideas and you can't find a suitable gift to give? Print one of your photos, frame it, and viola! You've got the prefect present!
8- With photography, the possibilities are endless!
9- When you take a really good photo, you feel that you have achieved something of great importance! Even if all you do with the photo is share it online, or use it as your desktop wallpaper
10- You can see magical things through the camera lens! Things you can't see with your bare eyes!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Writing a Story

So I had this idea the other day. Why is it that when writers write stories about animals, it has to be comedy? I thought of writing a story of a pampered cat that has been abandoned. It is not comedy, it's tragic.
I tried putting myself in that cat's place, and write about her feelings, her fears, and her struggle to survive in a harsh environment, completely new to her, the streets.

It always makes me angry that most people take animals' suffering sarcastically (especially here in Egypt)! Caring for animals does not mean that I should not care for less fortunate people, and that their suffering should not be my concern!! Both deserve my charity! I'm obliged to help both.

So I've created a new blog, will be posting the story there in chapters inshallah.
Any comments and criticism are welcome!

Good night.. sleep tight.. don't let the bed bugs bite!!!!

Day thirteen... dated Nov/25/09

The sun sets into the horizon, a blanket of dark velvet blue covers the sky and the world falls asleep. I'm grateful for the peace and and quietness of the night. Everyone slips into their cozy beds, cuddle with their loved ones, and fall into a deep healing sleep. I do believe that a good night's sleep is a great blessing!! For there are those who have been deprived of that blessing.
(I'm obviously still sleepy, since I had to wake up really early this morning...)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

... a long day

Day twelve... dated Nov/24/09

I was going to write about my childhood, and how grateful I am for growing up uncorrupted by TV and the stress of schools, but for some odd reason, this photo makes me feel really sleepy!
Its almost midnight here in Cairo, and I've been up since 5 am, and I haven't had the chance to "sit" down through out the entire day! My back is aching, my feet are sore, and I am GRATEFUL this long hectic day is finally over! I'm also grateful for having a fluffy pillow, a warm duvet, and a cozy bed, which I'm going to dive into and fall asleep... Good night everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

An Apple a Day...

Day eleven.. dated Nov/23/09

Its strange how we appreciate health only when we lose it. Sickness makes us realize how vulnerable our bodies are, and how important health is. Today I'm grateful for being healthy, despite the fact that everything around us is unhealthy and unhygienic in this polluted and disease infested world.
The amount of chemicals in our foods and the harmful substitutes are mind-boggling!
Its a miracle that we are still healthy and living a natural life. But then again, not everyone is as healthy as they should be. That's why I'm most grateful for being healthy today.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet Home

Day ten.. dated Nov/22/09

I'm grateful for feeling safe in this world, knowing I have a family to stand by me if I ever needed. I'm grateful for not having to fend for myself in this big bad world, because I'm already protected. Wherever I go, and whatever happens to me, I know there is always a "home" I can come back to, and seek refugee. A faithful, protective family, truly is, the most beautiful blessing.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time Capsule..?

I found an old black suitcase that was stored on top of my wardrobe the other day. Its been there for ages. Inside I found really interesting things, I knew I had them, but I forgot all about them. Some of the things belonged to me... and other things.
I found a box full of seashells. I've had them for years! I remember when I was collecting them. I spent the whole day on the beach looking for shells. They were really tiny! Really colorful and all shapes and sizes.

I also found an old pair for glasses, they were my late grandmother's

Make-up that belonged to my other grandmother. They are probably more than 25 years old!

A few necklaces (also my grandmother's) maybe 30-something years old.

And... an episode guide for Star Trek's "The Next Generation's" first two episodes! Its a tiny little booklet, it's so cute! I have no idea how it got there!!


Day nine.. dated Nov/21/09

True friends are rare to find. Like rare precious gems, hidden among dull stones.
They fill your world with rich, vibrant colors. They help you develop and expand your horizons with their experiences, and make your life exciting!
I'm grateful for true friends!! They are one of God's most precious gifts!
Unique-Muslimah, one of those rare, precious gifts, I'm grateful for your friendship :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

... so wonderfuly beautiful!

Day eight.. dated Nov/20/09

I'm grateful for all the beauty that is surrounding us. The blue skies, the warm sunshine, the lovely fragrant flowers, and all the splendors of nature all around us. I am also grateful that I am able to appreciate them and not just pass by them, like they are nothing more than an object... out there. To enjoy the beauty everywhere, even in the smallest things, and thank God for making plant earth, home, so wonderfully beautiful.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Door Over My Head

Day seven.. dated Nov/19/09

I remember a story I heard once, but I can't seem to recall where I heard it.

A very poor single mother lived with her only son in a tin hut. The roof of this hut was made of palm tree leaves.
In the winter season, when heavy rains fell on the village, the mother would remove the door of the hut, and use it as a shelter from the rain.
One winter evening, while the rain was pouring on the little tin hut, and while the mother held her little son in her arms hiding underneath their door that was shielding the cold harsh rain, the son whispered to his mother, "Mother, we should be very grateful that we have that door to sit under and hide from the rain, imagine those poor people out there with no door to protect them!"
I am grateful that I have more than just a door to hide under, more than just a door to live under.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Thought After Midnight

It's 1am now. Everyone has gone to sleep, and I'm wide awake.
As a result of reading the book 'Chocolat' I started craving chocolate, and went straight down to the kitchen and fixed myself a warm cup of rich hot chocolate.
The house was so still, not a single sound was heard. Even the cats have gone to sleep. I found myself shivering. Not because its freezing, and my warmest PJ's are not warm enough, but at the thought of being alone. Alone in a huge, dark house. I remembered the dream I had last night. A loved one died, and I was weeping. Someone told me that if you get to a certain level of despair, you will be able to talk to the deceased, and see them. I was still weeping. I saw the faint figure of my loved one, gliding down the stairs, wearing a green robe. It felt strange, to be able to see and communicate, yet not be able to touch. I woke up and found tears on my cheeks, and my pillow wet. I have never lost a person who was that close to me before, I don't know how it will feel like in real life. Because now I know how it feels like in dreams, and in dreams I can still talk to them and see them, even if they were ghosts. I can't say that I hope not to lose someone, because eventually I will, and it scares the hell out of me. I will feel alone. I will feel that life has lost its meaning, if only for a while, until that person becomes a memory, and a few photographs.... and I don't want them to be pushed aside in my dusty book of memories, and remembered occasionally, and pushed back again to rot in the dusty book till eternity.... I really don't want it to be like that.

Have a Lovely Evening!

Day six..

Watching the sun slowly dive into the soft fluffy pink clouds, as she blows her kisses of golden rays, wishing the world a good peaceful night, is what I am grateful for today.
The greatest blessings in life are those that are free of charge, and often those that we think are insignificant, or unworthy of gratitude. But in fact, those small but great blessings, are what makes life worth living.

The Key to My Heart...

I forgot post last night's entry... so here it is :)

Day five.. dated Nov/17/09

Being grateful is, in itself a blessing. So today I am grateful for being grateful. Gratitude is more than just a word, its the key to happiness in life. People work hard trying to achieve the ultimate goal, which is happiness. But what they have failed to realize, is that happiness is merely a tool to achieve bigger goals in this life, and the next. They have looked everywhere for happiness, but the only place they forgot to look in, was their own hearts.
Being grateful for what you have, feeling content and satisfied, is the definition of happiness.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Thankful!

Day four... dated Nov/16/09

It's flu season!! And yes.. I'm sick. (don't worry.. its not swine flu!!).
So, I cheated!! I wasn't able to take any photos today, since I was smothered with pillows, underneath warm blankets. So I started digging up old photos, and found this one.

Looking at some photos of African children suffering from starvation, made me realize what an amazing blessing food is! Having fruits and vegetables in your fridge, bread in your cupboard, and water flowing from your tap! I'm sure most of us have, at one time in our lives, imagined having a very unfortunate accident happen to us, like the loss of a loved one, or a very dangerous illness, but never, being starved to death.
Let every bite of food we take, be a chance to thank God for his never ending blessings, and to wake us up to the fact that all this... could one day cease to exist.

[40/52] Babyface the Romantic

Babyface has been with us for over three months. He and Lula are best buddies now! More than best buddies, the cutest couple ever!!! I was really worried when I first adopted Babyface, they were always fighting, growling, and hissing at each other, but now they're in love!
His personality is a lot different then hers. He's romantic (yes! romantic!), very sensitive, kind and caring. He enjoys walking in the garden, smelling flowers and chasing butterflies. She is the trouble maker! Always jumping on the kitchen counters and breaking things, biting and scratching (playfully of course). But somehow they've managed to love each other, and I'm really thankful for that, she was really lonely before he came!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Things We Take for Granted...

Day three... dated Nov/15/09

Peace is one of God's most greatest blessings. Today I felt really grateful for living in a country that enjoys peace and stability, and not having to fear for my life, and the lives of my loved ones every single day, in a country shattered by war.
To wake up to the sound of chirping birds, and not the sound of warplanes piercing through the morning skies, is something we take for granted. Something as simple as lounging in your backyard, with a good book, and a sweet cool breeze blowing on your face, feeling safe and content, is truly, a great blessing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beauty Lies Within

I started this "30 Days of Gratitude project" a month ago. I posted the first entry, have no idea why, but I forgot to post the rest of the entries (yea, forgot.. )
I started this project on flickr (a photo sharing website). It's a photography project, for those of you who don't know.

So.. I'll be posting an entry every day for the next 29 days. You can skip all that and visit my flickr page, and view the whole 30 entries :)

Here we go!

Day two... dated Nov/14/09

My friends and family members always encourage me by telling me "how wonderfully talented I am". Especially my lovely grandmother. Those simple little compliments, which I knew were straight from the heart, made me want to improve my skills to be able to deserve their praise, which sometimes I felt I did not deserve.

Having someone constantly telling you how wonderful and how brilliant you are, even if you weren't exactly that, makes you believe in yourself, and if you believe in yourself, you could do wonders!
I am grateful that God blessed me with a supporting family, whose sincere words and honest compliments made me truly believe in myself.

This photo is dedicated to the sweetest, most kind heated grandmother.
And to my mother, thank you for believing in me!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Look!

For those of you who don't know me, I LOVE change! I just can't stick with one thing/look forever. I get bored easily, and routine depresses me. So... I made a few changes to the layout. Actually, a whole lot of changes! Hope you like my "new look" :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The King and the Water of Madness

"A powerful wizard, who wanted to destroy an entire kingdom, placed a magic potion in the well from which all the inhabitants drank. Whoever drank that water would go mad.

The following morning, the whole population drank from the well, and they all went mad. Apart from the king and his family, who had a well set aside for them alone, and which the magician had not managed to poison.
The king was worried and tried to control the population by issuing a series of edicts governing security and public health. The police men and the inspectors, however, had also drunk from the poisoned water and they thought the king's decisions were absurd and resolved to take no notice of them.

When the inhabitants of the kingdom heard of these decrees, they became convinced that the king had gone mad and was now giving nonsensical orders. They marched on to the castle and called for his abdication.

In despair, the king prepared to step down from the throne, but the queen stopped him, saying:
'Let us go and drink from the communal well. then, we will be the same as them."
And that was what they did: the king and the queen drank from the water of madness and immediately began talking nonsense.

Their subjects repented at once; now that the kind was displaying such wisdom, why not allow him to continue ruling the country?
The country continued to live in peace, although the inhabitants behaved very differently from those of its neighbors. And the king was able to govern until the end of his days."

Do I have to drink from the water of madness to be accepted into society?! To be like everyone else?
I refuse, and I shall be looked at as a madwoman till the end of my days...

[39/52] Reflections

[39/52] Reflections
Originally uploaded by Midnight.Silver
Nothing interesting is happening around here. Everything is so still and life seems as quiet as undisturbed waters of a small lake on a late summer's afternoon. The only things moving are the clouds, the sun, the moon, and occasionally, the sheer curtain, gently swaying as the wind blows through the window. Phases like these pass through our lives, even if they only last for a few days or maybe a couple of weeks, but they give us space, and time to reflect on important matters in our lives.

[38/52] A Room with a View

This shot was taken at Azhar Park. It is such a lovely place, full of wonderful things to photograph. I had a great time with a friend of mine last Saturday. We had lunch there, and took lots of photos! Its lovely to go out with a fellow photographer, it makes shooting photos even more fun!

This is a late entry, I've been really busy theses days (I know.. I always say that!).
Besides, the 30 days of gratitude project is getting really hard and challenging.

[37/52] Pretty in Pink

It has been really challenging this week, to shoot a photo everyday for my "30 Days of Gratitude" project. But I've managed!
This project is really helping me to improve my photography skills, and it also helped remove this writer's block that I've been suffering from. And I'm grateful for that :)

My dear friend got me this lovely perfume as an early Eid (muslim holiday) present.
THANK YOU!! It really means a lot to receive a lovely present from a dear friend, because you know it came from the heart ♥