Monday, December 21, 2009

An Apple a Day...

Day eleven.. dated Nov/23/09

Its strange how we appreciate health only when we lose it. Sickness makes us realize how vulnerable our bodies are, and how important health is. Today I'm grateful for being healthy, despite the fact that everything around us is unhealthy and unhygienic in this polluted and disease infested world.
The amount of chemicals in our foods and the harmful substitutes are mind-boggling!
Its a miracle that we are still healthy and living a natural life. But then again, not everyone is as healthy as they should be. That's why I'm most grateful for being healthy today.


WhiteOrchid said...

Yes we all take health for granted. Btw, are the pics taken by you? If they are, you're a really good photographer! :)

Mariam said...

Thank you whiteorchid!! Yes those photos are taken by me :)