Monday, March 21, 2011


Or is it underestimation?

It has always been a conviction of mine that drawing and I are the worst of enemies. Not because I hated it, but because I've never managed to draw anything that was considered the least bit recognizable! And that was probably because I had my mind set on "no, don't even try, you can't draw".

A week ago I started attending a course in jewelry making. The course is divided into three parts, designing (ie drawing), silversmithing and wax carving. Naturally, we started with designing.

On my first day at the center, I was shown a few photos and was asked to copy whichever I felt like copying, as to determine my level. But my first class began with me warning the instructor that what she was about to see was something beyond dreadful. I told her that if there was a level zero, I think we should start there. Maybe start with drawing square shapes and circles. She ignored what I said and asked me to start working.

I chose a picture of a floor lamp and started copying. While drawing, I was mentally preparing myself for the comments I would receive upon showing the instructor the final result. Remove this hideous "thing" from my face immediately! this is a disgrace! You have shamed yourself and your family forever!!.. forever *echo echo*

I was almost finished when my friend popped her head over the desk I was sitting on and smiled, telling me that I'm really good with details.


The final result of the floor lamp sketch I was drawing was quite shocking to me! The wall I built between myself and drawing came tumbling down, and I found myself face to face with a sketch -of my own making- that was.. nice!! Of course, I'm no Picasso, and I still have a long way to go, but at least what I drew was not dreadful!!

I have only attended three classes since I've started last week, and I could feel the improvement already. Yesterday I was asked to design my own piece of jewelry, and I designed four. I actually drew something from my own imagination. *yay me!*

I feel like I owe someone an apology, but I'm not sure who. I have been guilty of making wrong assumptions several times on many occasions, but does that fall under the same category?
I doubted my abilities, and I think this is the worst crime one can commit towards oneself.

Just do it. You can.

Starting this course opened a door to a whole new universe for me, and I'm LUVIN' every minute I spend at the jewelry center!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strawberries and Blue Buckets

I was having tea with my mother in our backyard the other day, and for some reason I had my camera with me. I haven't been taking any photos lately, I guess I'm stuck in one of 'em "photo blocks". So probably, unconsciously, I bought my camera outside, hoping that the wonders of the outdoor would cure this disease.

It was a lovely afternoon, the birds were chirping, the sun was warm and the clouds.. lovely as ever. It was one of those moments where you inhale freshness, and enjoy the scent of invisible strawberries in the air.

Cammy (..yes, I gave my camera a name, and no, I have not completely lost it) was just sitting there on the table being ignored, while I was too busy smiling at the invisible strawberries. (alright.. maybe I have..)
 My mother interrupted my strawberry thoughts and pointed out to a blue bucket sitting on the edge of the porch. She challenged me in a "show me what you've got" manner.

But the strawberries..!

It's a really old, very dusty, cheap bucket. Just to give you an idea of what I was dealing with here.
Not something that you'd be thrilled to photograph, or even look at for that matter.
So, after changing the setting, placing the bucket near a tree branch, lying on my stomach as to get a different angle and getting bitten by a few bugs, changing the setting again, placing the bucket near a cracked wall, placing some tree branches and leaves inside the bucket, changing the setting again, and again, and again.. I came up with this..


So, mom, is this good enough for ya?

..maybe it isn't??

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Blogger!

A lot has changed since I last posted here on this blog, which was about two weeks ago (or was it three?)
Egypt has changed. On so many levels. Hosni Mubarak isn't the president anymore, that's for one.

I won't be commenting on what happened, because this blog isn't where I share my political opinion and discuss it (although trust me, I do have one!) this is so, simply because no one really wants to hear what I have to say..

So, I will skip all this, and return to my usual "blogging".

One thing I've learned from the experience of the past month though is, how fragile our world is! Our systems, our lifestyle! Everything could change with the push of a button. We always hear about turmoil and unrest in other countries like Iraq, Palestine, Somalia etc. but to live through it? Even if it was for a couple of days?!
We had the internet and cellphone lines cut off for about three days when this all started, the electricity even blacked out for a day (thankfully it was during the day) and we were this close to running out of drinking water. People were lining up in long queues at bakeries just to get a few loaves of bread. Big supermarkets closed down and gas stations were running out of gasoline. Not to mention the lack of security, and how people had to defend themselves against thugs and bad guys with broomsticks and homemade bombs. We even thought about leaving, going back to Toronto, but by the time the embassy contacted us, things were already calmed down and on the track to normal.

I tried to imagine this going on for a month, and it was not a pretty image. Better yet, try to imagine this happening in a country like Canada or the US! And we've all seen how easy it could.

I have no idea why, but I feel that the world has changed. The life that we knew and the future that we are planning and preparing for is not going to be at all how we'd expect.. (this has nothing to do with what happened recently.. or maybe it does, but I've had this feeling for quite some time)
I'm not predicting anything, but the "flying cars" and "beam-me-up" future hardly fits in the picture we are seeing now. Anyway, this is just my very own personal view. Feel free to see it otherwise, but don't call me a pessimist. 

So much for not sharing my political opinion, eh? But technically, I didn't, since it wasn't really political, was it?

Have a nice evening :)

P.S Excuse the lame title, I'm not in my creative mood today