Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hi My Name is Mariam and I'm An Addict

For me, a meal without Coke is incomplete. A habit I’ve been trying to lose for more than a few years. I remember when we were little, this sweet poison never entered our refrigerator, it was only ‘diet’ Coke for the older folks. But with time, and as we grew up, we started questioning those rules, as it was not ‘fair’ for ‘them’ to drink coke, while it was forbidden for us! Our older cousins were the first to break those rules, and once they are broken… they’re broken!
The problem with us (and by us I mean mankind) is that we know all the harms we are doing to our bodies and our health, but as long as its something that won’t effect our health IMMEDIATELY , we see it as an insignificant thing.
Besides the fact that Coke causes bone fracture, and that it contains high amounts of sugar and other freaky things, the concept of drinking any cold liquid with a meal is totally wrong.
I read somewhere that drinking cold water after (or with) a hot meal can cause discomfort in the stomach and sometimes food poisoning! (yea food poisoning!)
It happened once to my grandmother, she ate something with melted cheese, and drank a lot of cold soft drinks after the meal. They had to hospitalize her!
What happens is, the cold liquid will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed, and slow down the digestion process, causing discomfort.

Well, after having said all that, are we willing to finally give up on that habit??
Yeah… maybe some day :-)

Books Are My Best Friends

[11/52] Best Friend
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I've read this book about three months ago, but from time to time I like going though my favorite books, reading some of my favorite paragraphs. They always inspire me every time I read them.

Out of Ideas!!

This photo pretty much explains the situation I’m in right now! That photo block? Yeah… I’m going through it at the moment.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Story of A Man

This Poem is dedicated to all those who have been abused in the name of truth.

This is the story of a man

A story of faith and hope

A story of struggle and survival

A story of life...

It begins with the tears of a mother

It tells of wolves on the form of humans

And a dream that never saw the light of day

It’s a story of a man

Who witnessed his life being slaughtered!

His dignity being murdered!

His soul being stabbed!

His faith being punished!

His love blown away...

And yet... he lived

It’s a story of a man

Accused of existence

Abused with persistence

Denied of his right be human

And as the minutes and months passed by

Days seemed endless

And nights seemed morningless

But he never lost faith in Allah

This is a story of cruelty and injustice

And the concealed dark side of man

I can't tell this story

It couldn't be told in words

It’s carved on the remains of a broken heart

And painted with dry tears

I am sorry to disappoint you

But this story isn't of rainbows and ponies

Nor of happy dancing elves

It’s of reality




Unbearable reality

This man might have his happy ending

But soon... this story will find another man to tell of

-A Poem by Mariam A. (me)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There Was an Old Flower That Lived in a Shoe...

Fluffy was a happy little flower growing in a happy little field with its happy little friends. Fluffy would wake up each morning when gentle sunrays would kiss its happy little face to announce the beginning of the new day.
Fluffy and friends would spend the whole day enjoying the cool breeze, fluttering as the sweet wind blows through their petals, whispering sweet lullabies as it passes them by.
Bumble bees would come visiting every now and then. Beautiful butterflies would spread their wings around them and dance a merry little dance. And when the sun says good night, and sends its golden farewell kisses across the fields, Fluffy and friends would all curl up in their grassy beds, and watch the shiny little stars twinkle in joy across the midnight sky. Good old Moon would spread its warm silver charms, and Fluffy would fall soundly asleep and dream of all things sweet.
Fluffy would not trade the humble little field it calls home for all the riches of the world.

But Fluffy’s happy little life would not continue to be a happy one. For Fluffy was taken away from the happy little field, and placed in an old shoe by the windowsill.

Everyday became harder for Fluffy to bear! The sweet little memories began to fade, and so did Fluffy’s beautiful petals. And before Fluffy realized, the young little flower that was once happy and full of life, became a wilted, old, lifeless flower.
Sometimes Fluffy would hear the sweet lullabies the gentle wind once sang, and the buzzing of bumble bees. But only to realize, the sounds are only illusions disturbing Fluffy’s weak and saddened mind.
And this is how poor little Fluffy spent the rest of its days… in an old shoe, by the windowsill.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Simplest Joys of Life

Its funny how we take everything for granted, all the splendors of nature that God created for us. We never stop to admire their perfection, or to enjoy their beauty. The amazing details found in a single plant, the heavenly perfumes produced by a single flower, the stunning blend of colors found in every inch of nature.. if we simply notice all those wonders, we surly would be more happier and healthier everyday.


[8/52] Pink Ink
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Pink has fascinated me for as long as I can remember! Everything I own has to have pink in it, even my mobile phone (which is totally pink!). Call it an obsession, or what ever you want to call it, but this color really does hypnotize me! My room is pink, the curtains are pink, the carpet is pink.. even the walls are pink :p
Although I’m really a pink addict, but I don’t get the whole 'girls have to love pink' stereotype. I read somewhere that in the early 18th century, pink was a boys color (ok girls don’t really have to love pink.. but boys??)
Pink was considered a boys color because it was thought of as a washed out 'red', and red represents strength. While blue was considered a girl's color, since blue was peaceful and calming. I agree, blue can be a girls color, I like blue sometimes, but the thought of a boy liking pink is totally out of the question!
Well.. I think of pink as a color of love and dreams! That’s how I see it :)
Have a happy lovely pink weekend everyone!