Sunday, June 7, 2009

..In her dreams she is a princess...

I’ve always envied kittens and babies. They live in a world filled with love. Their little minds know nothing beside pleasant things. But sometimes, you watch them sleeping, and wonder, what could they possibly be dreaming of? What do kittens see in their dreams? Do they have nightmares? You see their heart beating fast, and their ears twitching, and you wonder, is it the boggy monster chasing them again? Or are they having a pleasant dream? Probably eating some yummy sardines, or chasing butterflies in the backyard?

Miss Perfection

Miss Perfection
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Everything is perfect in Miss Perfection’s prefect little world. She is flawless. She has the most perfect little face, perfect hair, and a perfect smile.
Everyone envied Miss Perfection and her perfect life

She lives in a perfect house, in a perfect little village. She has perfect friends, and a perfect little cat. She loves to spend afternoons in her perfect garden. She loves to bake perfect little cakes, and host perfect tea parties for her perfect friends.

But no matter how perfectly perfect Miss Perfection’s perfect life seems, underneath her smile is nothing but hollow darkness, and perfect emptiness.
Cold nothingness lies beyond the borders of her perfect little village.
She is but an image, a few words, a victim of imagination. Her soul is trapped beneath her wax skin for eternity. She can never be free.