Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[49/52] Sunny Side Up!

Ever felt like your battery is dying? Or rather dead? You have no energy to do anything, even something as simple as making your bed after you wake up. You miss the sunshine, you miss the days when you would be full of enthusiasm, energy and creativeness. You lose your motivation, your sense of time, and your interest in anything useful, and you stop enjoying the things you usually enjoy doing, besides eating!
Well, my battery died a while ago, and my bad mood is preventing me from recharging it.
I need a cold bucket of water splashed on my face, and a "SNAP OUT OF IT!"
Here is a cheerful sunny photo to cheer you... I mean me, up.
This is the week before last's entry, or the week before that? I don't know.. I lost count.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Lula gave birth!! Finally!! Four healthy babies! Three girls and one boy.
We called them Mushu (the boy) Bambina, Cami, and Narinj.
Poor Lula! She was in so much pain!! She is still a baby herself!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a Matter of Existence!!!

I took Babyface to the vet today for a check up. This clinic is supposed to be the best in Cairo.
While I was waiting for my tun in the waiting room, the phone rang. When the nurse at the counter answered the phone, he began the conversation in Arabic, but is seems that the caller was a foreigner.

Nurse: Good morning sir! (it was afternoon, but nevertheless) yes we are open today. No I'm sorry the Dr. does not exist now. But he is on his way, you can come in thirty minutes.

I wanted to laugh!!!! Out loud!!! I tired really hard not to!! Yea.. he does not exist now, he will in thirty minutes!!!!


But what is really surprising, is that his accent was really good!! Compared to many well educated Egyptians!!

[48/52] Mid-winter's summer sunshine!

I have been away for about two weeks. Things have been hectic around here, I barely had time to check my emails and facebook (I hate it how facebook has become a part of everyday life!!)
I totally forgot about last week's entry, and the week before too! I am finding it really hard to keep up with this project, although it's only one photo per week, but I guess it has nothing to do with the photo, but rather the time to sit down and write something.
On another note, the weather is really strange these days!! It turned from "wearing double socks at night" to "wearing short sleeved PJ's at night" in just a day!!! It's literally summer over here!! I was using heating pads a week ago! (yes it gets really cold in Egypt, especially indoors)
This photo was taken with my new camera (yipppy!!)
I guess you can tell I'm still practicing!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sparkle and Shine!

I was looking through my old files, and I found this! I took these photos about a year ago, when I first started to show a little interest in photography. I had just learned a new trick to make "bokeh" (unfocused light) and I was thrilled!! It was also the first triptych I make.

What Happened Last Night

It was really cold last night. I was lying on the couch in the living room smothered in warm blankets watching TV. She came to me curled herself in my lap and started purring loudly. How I love it when she does that!! I placed my hand on her big belly, I'm sure they're sleeping soundly now, I thought to myself. But I was wrong!!! I felt a bump! Oh the babies are moving!! Another bump.. now I can feel them moving from one side to the other!! I couldn't contain my excitement!! I called to my mother.. come quick!! Come feel the babies!!
It was a magical moment... Lula was still purring. She looked at me with her lazy eyes, as if she was telling me... yea.. those are my lil babies!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspired by a Blogger Template!!!

This is really weird, but I've been inspired by a blogger template!
I was helping my good friend Unique-Muslimah look for a new template for her blog, when I found a really cute cupcake template!!! And since both me and Unique love baking, I thought why not start a new blog about our baking adventures? She loved the idea! And "Baking with Mariam and Unique" was born!! I really hope that this blog will encourage us both to try new things just to blog about them and share the recipes with you!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little Blue Bird

A little blue bird

Trapped in its golden cage
Looking through the window

Envying every fluttering butterfly
Every swirling leaf
Envying the wind that carries dew on its wings

The bird too has wings
Beautiful feather wings

Looking through the window
The bird would cry
How can he be a bird
But still he cannot fly?

-A Poem by Mariam A.