Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a Matter of Existence!!!

I took Babyface to the vet today for a check up. This clinic is supposed to be the best in Cairo.
While I was waiting for my tun in the waiting room, the phone rang. When the nurse at the counter answered the phone, he began the conversation in Arabic, but is seems that the caller was a foreigner.

Nurse: Good morning sir! (it was afternoon, but nevertheless) yes we are open today. No I'm sorry the Dr. does not exist now. But he is on his way, you can come in thirty minutes.

I wanted to laugh!!!! Out loud!!! I tired really hard not to!! Yea.. he does not exist now, he will in thirty minutes!!!!


But what is really surprising, is that his accent was really good!! Compared to many well educated Egyptians!!

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Fatima said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! omg, that's just too jokes! I agree with you though, a lot of people have good English in Egypt but their accent or their choice of words just gives them away!