Alsalamu Alykom! Hello and welcome!

Upon visiting a new blog, most people tend to click on that "About" page before reading any of the blog posts.
If the content of this said page interested them, they would then proceed to read further into the blog, and subscribe to it.

So here it is folks! The about me page.

I am Mariam, a 20-something year old, born and raised in Toronto (that's in Canada.. north of the US?, in case you were wondering).
I come from a diverse family of many backgrounds, Syrian being the major one. I am currently residing in Cairo, Egypt. The land of the Nile, the Pyramids, golden sands, and some really strange things I'm sure you'd find fascinating (chirping doorbells and carts pulled by donkeys racing on highways being a few of those things).

I've been raised as a homeschooler, never been to a school in my life. And no, I am not a bookwrom, anti-social geek with big round glasses (although I do wear glasses sometimes, but they're not round).

I'm a proud muslim, a sister, a daughter, a cat-lover, a dreamer, a writer, a published photographer, a creative-ist and a blogger.

I enjoy the simple things in life. I'm realistic, although I dream. I enjoy long walks or car drives. I love my family. I think Walt Disney was an evil pedophile. I'm an animal person. I believe in the conspiracy theory. I love white chocolate. Ferraris, designer bags and glamorous heels are not my thing. I think baking is therapeutic. I despise the music industry, and the media in general. I'd love to live on a farm and grow my own veggies. Prestigious university degrees do not impress me, and diamonds are beautiful, but they're not my best friends.      

I hope that was enough to satisfy your curiosity!! Enjoy your stay!

Yours truly,