Friday, February 5, 2010

Sparkle and Shine!

I was looking through my old files, and I found this! I took these photos about a year ago, when I first started to show a little interest in photography. I had just learned a new trick to make "bokeh" (unfocused light) and I was thrilled!! It was also the first triptych I make.


Fatima said...

it looks like magic! How do you do that?
btw, I love one of your photos so much, this one:
so I was wondering if I could use it as my facebook profile pic? I'll put the link in the caption to link back to your flickr account.

Mariam said...

You mean the sparkly light? It's when your camera is unfocused and blurry, that's how you make it :)

Sure Fatima :)you can use it.. yea as long as you link back to me :)

Fatima said...

yeah, the sparkly lights =P That's so cool! And thank you sooo much, people are commenting and saying its a lovely pic.!

Londoneya said...

What an unexpected surprise! Hurrah for backup drives that store our photographs for a day when we can look back and say, "I made this!"

A lovely triptych :)

Mariam said...

Thanks Londoneya!! Yea it was a lovely surprise!! :)