Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[48/52] Mid-winter's summer sunshine!

I have been away for about two weeks. Things have been hectic around here, I barely had time to check my emails and facebook (I hate it how facebook has become a part of everyday life!!)
I totally forgot about last week's entry, and the week before too! I am finding it really hard to keep up with this project, although it's only one photo per week, but I guess it has nothing to do with the photo, but rather the time to sit down and write something.
On another note, the weather is really strange these days!! It turned from "wearing double socks at night" to "wearing short sleeved PJ's at night" in just a day!!! It's literally summer over here!! I was using heating pads a week ago! (yes it gets really cold in Egypt, especially indoors)
This photo was taken with my new camera (yipppy!!)
I guess you can tell I'm still practicing!!


Fatima said...

that's lovely! May I inquire about the name of your camera? My sister is looking for a DSLR camera and she's not sure which one to get! And COLD, in EGYPT? That's hard for me to comprehend after spending the summer there!

Mariam said...

Well it depends on what your sister needs, if she's a beginner I would suggest the Canon EOS 1000d. The price is affordable and it's easy to use :)

Wow you've been to Egypt? But if you haven't been to Egypt in the winter you would never understand how cold it gets!!! Especially indoors, because houses are built in a way to stay cool.

Fatima said...

hehe, I am actually Egyptian but I've never really had the chance to go there except for 2 times. But I live in England so I can relate to that cold feeling that you're talking about.

Thanx for the suggestion, I'll pass it on to my sister. I was also wondering if you could recommend a point and shoot digital camera? hehe, sorry, too many questions =P

Mariam said...

You're Egyptian?? That's so cool!! I'm half Egyptian myself.. actually, quarter :P lol!! My grandfather from my mother's side is originally Egyptian :D

If you want to get a new point and shoot camera, the one I had is really good!! It's a sony cyber-shot DSC T50 :)

Texan in UAE said...

Masha'a'Allah! your pictures! are gorgeous! i just got a nikon d90 and I love and adore it. I have to still learn a lot! you should come to my all sisters forum and join the photography group.. we just made it. :)

come visit my blog and my site is on the side. muslim sisters unite.. click on it and register.. insha'a'Allah. you look like you could teach us a thing or two or three or 4 lol. insha'a'Allah.

Mariam said...

Thanks for the invitation!! But you see.. I'm still learning myself :D hehe! I can share what I've learned!
I'd love to join your group! Thank you :)