Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Story of A Man

This Poem is dedicated to all those who have been abused in the name of truth.

This is the story of a man

A story of faith and hope

A story of struggle and survival

A story of life...

It begins with the tears of a mother

It tells of wolves on the form of humans

And a dream that never saw the light of day

It’s a story of a man

Who witnessed his life being slaughtered!

His dignity being murdered!

His soul being stabbed!

His faith being punished!

His love blown away...

And yet... he lived

It’s a story of a man

Accused of existence

Abused with persistence

Denied of his right be human

And as the minutes and months passed by

Days seemed endless

And nights seemed morningless

But he never lost faith in Allah

This is a story of cruelty and injustice

And the concealed dark side of man

I can't tell this story

It couldn't be told in words

It’s carved on the remains of a broken heart

And painted with dry tears

I am sorry to disappoint you

But this story isn't of rainbows and ponies

Nor of happy dancing elves

It’s of reality




Unbearable reality

This man might have his happy ending

But soon... this story will find another man to tell of

-A Poem by Mariam A. (me)


أم ترافيس said...


Mariam said...

Thank you Um T! :)

moffika said...

mashaallah.....sister I was never interested in poetry...but I really liked this one...keep going....

Mariam said...

Thank you!!