Wednesday, May 13, 2009

There Was an Old Flower That Lived in a Shoe...

Fluffy was a happy little flower growing in a happy little field with its happy little friends. Fluffy would wake up each morning when gentle sunrays would kiss its happy little face to announce the beginning of the new day.
Fluffy and friends would spend the whole day enjoying the cool breeze, fluttering as the sweet wind blows through their petals, whispering sweet lullabies as it passes them by.
Bumble bees would come visiting every now and then. Beautiful butterflies would spread their wings around them and dance a merry little dance. And when the sun says good night, and sends its golden farewell kisses across the fields, Fluffy and friends would all curl up in their grassy beds, and watch the shiny little stars twinkle in joy across the midnight sky. Good old Moon would spread its warm silver charms, and Fluffy would fall soundly asleep and dream of all things sweet.
Fluffy would not trade the humble little field it calls home for all the riches of the world.

But Fluffy’s happy little life would not continue to be a happy one. For Fluffy was taken away from the happy little field, and placed in an old shoe by the windowsill.

Everyday became harder for Fluffy to bear! The sweet little memories began to fade, and so did Fluffy’s beautiful petals. And before Fluffy realized, the young little flower that was once happy and full of life, became a wilted, old, lifeless flower.
Sometimes Fluffy would hear the sweet lullabies the gentle wind once sang, and the buzzing of bumble bees. But only to realize, the sounds are only illusions disturbing Fluffy’s weak and saddened mind.
And this is how poor little Fluffy spent the rest of its days… in an old shoe, by the windowsill.


Unique Muslimah said...

What a beautifully written yet sad story! I will never take flowers from the field again because I'll always think of fluffy!

BTW, it's strange that you named it fluffy, I named a cat fluffy once, lol.

Mariam said...

Thanks Unique! I had a cat named Fluffy too :)

It it sad that we think a flower would have no feelings, that its just a plant. I think all of God's living creations have feelings!! And it saddens me to see how people treat them.