Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet Home

Day ten.. dated Nov/22/09

I'm grateful for feeling safe in this world, knowing I have a family to stand by me if I ever needed. I'm grateful for not having to fend for myself in this big bad world, because I'm already protected. Wherever I go, and whatever happens to me, I know there is always a "home" I can come back to, and seek refugee. A faithful, protective family, truly is, the most beautiful blessing.


Redzo said...

I've Spent a day either walking in plain air or sitting in the floor and then 2 hours on asphalt listening to the whistles of the wind around my ears ... and having nothing to cover the coldness passes through my bones ... makes me grateful when I get under my covers in my bedroom . Unfortunately we don't see the light unless we've been into darkness... I liked this gratitude over 30 days ... :) Nice series

Mariam said...

Thank you Rezdo, its true, we don't appreciate blessings unless we lose them.. unfortunately!