Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Thankful!

Day four... dated Nov/16/09

It's flu season!! And yes.. I'm sick. (don't worry.. its not swine flu!!).
So, I cheated!! I wasn't able to take any photos today, since I was smothered with pillows, underneath warm blankets. So I started digging up old photos, and found this one.

Looking at some photos of African children suffering from starvation, made me realize what an amazing blessing food is! Having fruits and vegetables in your fridge, bread in your cupboard, and water flowing from your tap! I'm sure most of us have, at one time in our lives, imagined having a very unfortunate accident happen to us, like the loss of a loved one, or a very dangerous illness, but never, being starved to death.
Let every bite of food we take, be a chance to thank God for his never ending blessings, and to wake us up to the fact that all this... could one day cease to exist.


Janny. said...

Everytime I throw away a piece of food, I think about all the people that would die for that tiny piece. Sometimes you just need to stop and think, huh?

Mariam said...

Yea... that's what reminders are for, aren't they? :)
I stopped throwing food anyways, I either give it to my cats, or give it to someone I know who has stray cats in their area.. they eat ANYTHING! lol :)