Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Door Over My Head

Day seven.. dated Nov/19/09

I remember a story I heard once, but I can't seem to recall where I heard it.

A very poor single mother lived with her only son in a tin hut. The roof of this hut was made of palm tree leaves.
In the winter season, when heavy rains fell on the village, the mother would remove the door of the hut, and use it as a shelter from the rain.
One winter evening, while the rain was pouring on the little tin hut, and while the mother held her little son in her arms hiding underneath their door that was shielding the cold harsh rain, the son whispered to his mother, "Mother, we should be very grateful that we have that door to sit under and hide from the rain, imagine those poor people out there with no door to protect them!"
I am grateful that I have more than just a door to hide under, more than just a door to live under.

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