Saturday, January 16, 2010

When the Light Goes Out

There was complete darkness. Her eyes widen, like a curious child listening to the tales of a daring adventurer. In a sea of black emptiness, she felt that she existed no longer.
She could see colorful stars blinking everywhere. She tries to touch them, only to realize they are an illusion of that darkness. She could swim in that darkness, float, on its never ending waves. Dive into its deep bottomless pit.
She became a part of it.
Moments seem like hours, and they fly right by her. Her eyes get accustomed to the darkness, they absorb every last bit of it, draining all of it out. Shapes start forming around her. Blood starts flowing back into her numb limbs. She could feel herself once again. She looks up, purple street lights dance on her ceiling, welcoming her back to existence. She is alive again, she regains her sight. Only this time, everything she sees sparkles before her in the darkest shade of navy blue.

*Based on a personal experience


Unique Muslimah said...

beautiful sis :)

Mariam said...

Thank you :)