Friday, January 15, 2010

I am not an item! I have rights too!

Day twenty four... dated Dec/07/09

I was out running some errands today, and I passed by a pet shop. I saw two white cats in a small cage, I went over to have a closer look, and I was shocked!
A poor little white kitten, infested with ringworm (for those of you who don't know what ringworm is, its a very serious skin disease. Well its not that serious, but it could be if is left untreated, which it was in this case) and infected eyes, was staring at me from behind the bars. I could feel the sadness in her eyes, or maybe even hate! Why would she love any human? When it is a human that had locked her up in that cage, with no love, attention or even medical treatment! Yes that kitten hated me! I tried to stroke her but she kept walking away from the bars.
I saw one of the workers in the shop and asked him what was keeping them from treating her? He looked at me as if I had insulted him and said that they are treating her...!!!! Which is a big lie, because it looks like she had this infection for a very long time!
I hate pet shops. I've always hated them! Besides, it is illegal to sell cats in Islam, they are not items to be sold! Yet the shop owner is committing a sin, and selling cats for profit. And what is worse, treating cats as if they WERE items!!

When I came back home, and saw Lula and Babyface cuddling together, on a warm blanket, purring and grooming each other, I felt really grateful to have saved two souls from such misery, and taught them that not all humans are cruel! Or rather, they taught me.

I am sorry if you find this image to be disturbing, and its not my usual bright cheerful shots.
Pet shops around the world should be closed! Cats are not items!!! They were not created by God to live inside a small cage, waiting for someone to come and "buy" them, and probably get bored of them in a couple of weeks, and throw them in the street!


camilia said...

Ohhh that made me sooo sad! I love kitties, I have 5.. hahah I know it sounds like a lot but I have to rescue them!!! breaks my heart to see any animals mistreated or left to the street! Wallah I am so lucky to live in america so I don't have to see stray cats all the time, I think I would cry everyday!

Mariam said...

You think 5 is a lot?? Try 35!!! I used to have 35 cats once upon a time! But they lived in the garden and they were all stray cats :)
May Allah reward you for you kindness!!

Amina MAssoud said...

You that i feel upset and sad and angry in situations like this and i agree with you no animal should be in a cage or sold and i wish that humans can have some mercy for these poor creatures so that ALLAH could have mercy for them too.

Mariam said...

Thank you Amina for the comment, people should think of others too (even if they were animals) and not just themselves.