Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy!

Day eighteen... dated Dec/01/09

Having a pet is a privilege. Having two.. is a great blessing! My mother always says, a house without cats is not a home. It's true! A cat-less house lacks warmth. Just watching them cuddle or groom themselves fills your heart with a warm fuzzy feeling, especially during winter, when any source of warmth is always welcome.
Having a cat(s) makes you less stressful, and more lively. You talk to them, pet them, cuddle them and play with them, and they always appreciate your attention. Sometimes I enjoy the company of my pets to most people around me (besides family), they understand you, which sometimes surprises you. As a friend once said, its degrading to call them animals, when sometimes they can have a kinder heart, love you unconditionally, and be more considerate, than some humans.
The way they love and care for each other is a whole different story. I could write volumes about this, and it makes us humans ashamed of ourselves to see animals behave in a way that we are supposed to.
I'm grateful for Lula and Babyface!! They are my sunshine, my little warm fuzzy babies!


gettinghijabi said...

Awww. Those kitties are so cute!

Mariam said...

Thanks!! They're my little munchkins! :)