Friday, September 17, 2010


I found this not-so-little spider by chance in my backyard this afternoon, and immediately ran back inside to get my camera! I tried getting closer as to capture all of the details on her legs and body, but I was extremely scared! She could be poisonous for all I know! My hands weren't stable as well, hence the shaky, unfocused photos bellow.


 While snapping away I started wondering how she would react if she knew I was photographing her! Would she pose for me? Would she shy away? Or maybe run back to her friends and excitedly tell them that her photos are going to be published on the world wide web for all the word to see! "I'm going to be famous!" (From what I know, spiders are usually solitary creatures.. but nevertheless)

But then I thought.. what if (in some way or the other) we (me and the spider) were able to communicate, would she be able to grasp the concept of "photography", or even try to understand, beyond her limited mind, the complexities of such a machine as the camera? How it works, how lenses work, the difference between a 100mm f/2.8 macro lens and a 50mm f/2.8 lens? What an aperture is? Or even try to understand who I am!! And why on earth was I looking at her with such interest!

This got me thinking even deeper. What if, there are things in this universe our limited human mind could not possibly, in any way, understand? No matter how much it was explained to us? Simply because our mind is not equipped to process such information..?

People assume they have unlocked the secrets of life, that they have reached a certain level of civilization and knowledge, therefore are able to judge what is right from wrong. And when they're faced with divine rulings from The All Knowing that organize our lives, and shape our personalities to make us better people, they flatly refuse to acknowledge them, call them outdated and oppressive! Why? Because they did not "make sense" to their limited human mind, just like "why that giant creature holding that big black box-like object in her hand is staring at me with such interest" would never make sense to our creepy crawler friend.

Humans can be such strange things...


Life's Balance Beam said...

I'll give you one thing the human mind absolutely can NOT understand; Thoughts!

No one, not even science can understand how a thought forms, where they come from, or even prove that they exist (You know how ppl think science can prove everything...HA that's flawed)

jnana said...

That's an amazing thought. We *are* limited- we see the world as we are and everything in our lives if based on perspective. So it's so true when you say that people are being arrogant when they reject instructions from the Omnipotent- we are limited creatures after all and need guidance from an Absolute who has knowledge over everything

Safiyyah said...

OMG! What kind of spider is that? (Great photo, BTW, lol)

Londoneya said...

Gorgeous photographs sis, mashaAllah =) I also love your thoughts. They remind me of mine when I set out to admire nature, I often find myself reflecting...which is a great form of worship ;)

mille feuille said...

Great pics!!!!

Mariam said...

@Life's Balance Beam, exactly! So you can imagine all the other things we assume we understand, while on the contrary, we understand absolutely nothing about!

@Jnana, so true!!

@Saffyah, not sure!! I've never seen it in my backyard before!

@Londoneya and Mille Feuille, thank you!!