Sunday, September 12, 2010

Color My World: White

I got the inspiration to do a color themed photography project from the "Little Brown Pen" blog, her photos are really inspirational! I'm thinking maybe.. a weekly project?

Next up.. yellow!! 

P.S. is it just me.. or is this blog slowly (but surely) turning into a photo blog? 

P.SS I cheated this time, used some of my old photos (sue me!)


Love and Sugar said...

so beautiful!! I love I love!

Stephanie said...

Photoblogs are wonderful. I'm slowly trying to turn mine into one as well, although my photos are nowhere near as beautiful as yours.

Farhah said...

Mariam!! I'm sooo jealous of you xD all your photos are truly wonderful :) Masha Allah! Did you edit anything? I wonder how you did the flower picture with sparkles/diamonds? They really are inspirational - you beat Google images :D haha!!

Fruitful Fusion said...

Oh oh oh! Your photography is just gorgeous ma sha Allah!!! Love it!!!

Mariam said...

Love and sugar, thanks!!

Stephanie, what are you talking about! Your photos are wonderful!! Keep it up!!

Farhah, aww.. thanks dear! Yes I did slightly edit the flower photo, I added those sparkles on photoshop, the rest I just adjusted the brightness/contrast.

Fruitful Fusion, thank you for dropping by! Appreciate your comment!