Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid is All About Baked Goodies!

I know this is a bit late.. but Happy Eid everyone! Hope you had a great time!
This year Eid was a bit different, since my grandmother is here visiting. We spent about four days before Eid baking. She usually makes traditional Syrian Eid pastries every year. They're known as Ma'amoul. They're cookie-like, with pistachio filling. If you haven't tried them before.. I'm telling you, you're missing out!

They're not that hard to make, nor time consuming, but since we made 27 dozens, some for neighbors and some for relatives, it took us about four days! It was fun though! I decided to take photos of the whole process, now that was hard! Keeping your camera away from grease and butter, but at the same time handy for the next shot, not so easy..! and a bit annoying as well.

My grandma making the dough

preparing the pistachio filling... mmmm me loves pistachios!

cutting the dough into equal pieces makes the process much easier

aaaand... the stuffing begins

after the cookie has been stuffed, it gets pressed inside a shaping mold.. this is the fun part!

the cookies are then tapped onto the kitchen table with a sharp hit.. gave me a headache!

onto the baking sheet.. and into the oven.. yay! we're almost done!

icing sugar sprinkled on top! hmmmm.. reminds me of November's first snow fall!!

I knew you would want to see how it looks like from the inside.. so I took a couple of bites! (how very nice of me.. right?)

into the gift box they went.. farewell my lovelies! it was nice knowing you!

wrapped and ready to go!!
don't worry! I saved a couple dozens for myself! (as if you should really worry! lol)

So, as you can see, that is how we spent most of our Eid.
The prayer was lovely, held in the mosque's garden, as usual.

That's about it! And as the Syrians say "kel seneh w ento salmeen!" (translation: may you be blessed with every passing year.. or something like that..)


Anonymous said...

Aid mubarak,dear sister!
i've taken one kilo only looking at the photos...hihihi...delicious!
it's the first time i see with pistachios, i knew with dates...
WE WANT the recipe!inshaAllah!
(to take at least 3 kilos eating them!)
with a huge

Anonymous said...

Your photos are always so fantastic, masha'Allah!! Lovely to read about your Eid :)

Mariam said...

Ummrashid.. Eid mubarak to you too!! Yes I agree! One would gain weight by looking at delicious photos! hehe!

Rose water, thanks dear! Hope you had a great Eid :)

sara said...

AsSalamualaiqum EID MUBARAK, 2015