Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm walking on.. errr.. fluffy pink frosting??

I came upon these photos while searching the blogger world for inspiration for an art project I'm working on.

Not exactly sure how to describe them.. simply magical would do for now!

On a side note, my DSLR camera is not working, and for that I'm feeling really frustrated. I've had it for almost a year, and I have no idea what went wrong! The shutter button is simply not responding!! For no apparent reason. I called tech support in Toronto, and they said I need to send it back to get serviced. Which means, I'd have to live without my baby for approximately three months, maybe more!

My old Sony compact camera would have to do for now, assuming the battery charger decides to start working properly again ( and it is so not doing that at the moment). Pathetic.. ain't I?

Anyways, I'll have to scavenge my archives for photos for my "color my world" project, so expect a post in a few days (inshallah).

Now.. excuse me while I go and resume my daydreaming... mmmm.. pink.. fluffly.. cupcakes.. marzipan.. sweet.. glittery gold.. bliss!!


Londoneya said...

Ah that does look like bliss! I pray we are the companions of Jannah inshaAllah so that we can order such culinary delights without the fear of putting on any weight! That would be the true bliss!!

Mariam said...

Yea.. ameen sis! No more weight troubles there!

sheriberi said...

Haha, you girls make a good point :P

Mariam, you're such a talented photographer, mashallah!

Mariam said...

Thanks Sherri!!
Those photos are not mine though, I posted a link below the photo of the link where I got them from :)

sheriberi said...

Lol oops...Clearly, I was too mesmerized by the dessert to notice the link.

But honestly, there are other photos (that I know are definitely yours!) that are amazing mA. If only all people would pursue their talents...