Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Cats?! .. EWW!!!"

Is it normal for me to feel offended when someone tells me they don't like cats? Or better yet, they HATE them? (while putting so much emphasis on the H)!
It's just that I'm really sick of people responding with "Uh.. cats?! I hate 'em!" and "Seriously? You have 6 of them?! I can't STAND them!" when they find out I have 6 cats!

You wouldn't go up to a parent and bluntly tell them that you don't like other people's kids! Or that you find their kids really annoying! So why do people think it's OK for them to speak to me about cats in such a manner? A simple "I am not a cat person" would do, if it is of utmost importance to them that I know they don't really like cats!
And I seriously don't understand why they consider it a horrible thing to be living with cats under one roof. I'm sorry but I'm really fed up with getting these same responses with every single person that I meet!!!

We as humans (AND muslims) should have enough room in our hearts for all of God's creatures!
It is your problem (and loss) if you don't like cats, but at least you should not HHATE them.. sorry if I sounded offending with my last sentence, but those people never gave a damn whether their hateful comments were offending or not, so why should I..

I just had to write this post, despite me being VERY busy..


camilia said...

I AGREE! but you probably already know how much I loooove the kitties and all animals :) subhanallah all God's creatures :)

Mariam said...

Finally!! Someone who wuvs kitties :D
Thanks for the comment!

Life's Balance Beam said...

Lol yeah hate is a strong word, Cat's scare me, no joke, they're kind of sneaky or i always think they will scratch me (horrrible experience) i used to wake up with scratches all over my feet and arms from by bestfriends cat lol.

But no really, you're a cat lover, screw them! I begged my mom to get a munchkin cat... but me and my sister are highly allergic so i didn't see how that would mum said no lol

but i think u have the right to feel the way you feel, you love ur cats...hey maybe they love...idk hamsters and you hate them? maybe they would get a taste lol

Saba said...

You're right. I'm not a huge cat person. They scare me a little. One of my friends has a cat that I wouldn't mind taking home and adoring, but I can't take it from her. She's the sweetest cat in the world.

I don't think people should say that. I usually don't even mention that I get scared when I go to someone's house. I don't think it is polite to tell people that they hate cats.

Anonymous said...

assalamu alaykum
i love all creatures of Allah Taala, i live with 30 parrots, some fishes, and a black beautiful cat..
if some egyptians hate cats, do you know hot much they hate BLACK cats more???
a kiss to you, my sister and for your six cats!
UmmRashid (Italian who lives in Egypt)

Mariam said...

@ Life's balance beam.. it is true.. cats can be a bit sneaky!! (and they do scratch! but I love it :D)
I'm allergic as well.. but I'm trying to keep it under control..

@Saba.. most of the people who come to our house are not only scared of cats.. but they dread them!! I try to keep them out of the way until the guests leave, so that I don't have to put up with their comments!

@UmmRashid.. yes!!! I do know how much they hate black cats! They think they're EVIL!! May Allah bless you and all of your lovely animals!!

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Dear:

I love cats, photograph them more than any other subject, and have 4 of them. 3 of them are inside, and 1 lives outside (he gets photographed the most). I am also one of the rare Muslims who loves dogs. Now, that REALLY gets the Mozzies going :) I work in a prison where we have a leader dog training program and I think they are a gift from Allaah t'ala for disabled people.

Mariam said...

Salam Safiyya!!

Aww! I'd love to see photos of your cats!!

Islam has nothing against dogs!! This is a common mistake some muslims make! It is just that we have to wash off their saliva before we pray from our bodies and clothes.. kindness to ALL animals is highly appreciated in Islam :D
Thanks for passing by :)

Londoneya said...

You know very well the reactions I receive when told of my love for cats ;) I do wish people can be more tactful and considerate!

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

omg you're soo not alone in this, I literally get offended when i hear someone saying they hate cats or so lol

seriously this cat phobia must stop!