Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Draft

I found this unpublished post in my drafts folder. I can't remember where exactly I wanted to go with this.. but I thought I'd share.

"Ever heard of the slogan "live the moment"? I'm sure you all have. Some of you might even use it. But have you ever felt it? Or lived by it? I hardly think so.
We live as if the present does not exist, as if we are living for the future, waiting for moments to pass so we could move on to the next. Hoping that perhaps future moments are the ones worthy of living for, but.. the cycle begins again."

Hmmmm.. I wonder what was I trying to say here...


Elisa said...

as salamu alaykum, sister :)
whatever you many have been trying to say, you said it perfectly! this is so true. we are always busying our minds with the past or future and forget the present.

Londoneya said...

I always find myself thinking the same thing. The present is but a fleeting moment because it soon becomes the past and our minds are always wondering what the future will hold that we often don't stop to smell the roses.