Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is week 50's entry.
My cat is really sick, he's been ill for almost a week now, since he is not eating anything, nor drinking water.
I had to take him the vet yesterday, the "journey" to the clinic took us four hours! It is not really easy to find a reliable vet here, the only one I trust is at the far end of Cairo, plus, it was rush hour, so you can imagine.
Poor Babyface!! He lost half his weight!! He is very weak and dehydrated. I have to give him water by force, and he doesn't like that one little bit.
But thankfully he started eating again this morning, although he only ate a tiny bite.


The Splendid Sky said...

Ooohhh.. i pray he gets well soon! Is his name Babyface? thats a cute and very different name! LOL its nice..
Inshallah he'll be better soon! :)

Alisha said...

Oh the poor thing. It's always hard to see any living being in pain. Hope for a speedy recovery. :-)

Mariam said...

Splendid.. yea his name is babyface!! Thank you for your dua!!!

Alisha.. it always breaks my heart to see a being in pain, especially one that doesn't talk!
But babyface is doing much better now alhamdulilah!! He is eating and drinking water normally again :D
thank you both for the comments!