Wednesday, March 3, 2010


You're surrounded by dark clouds. They circle you , almost suffocating you. You can feel darkness inside of you. You try to run, only to realize, you are running underneath the same sky, the same clouds, the same darkness.
Stones start falling from the sky. Cold white stones. Like sharp bullets they rip through the misty air, hitting you hard on your head, your shoulders, your back, even your face.
You hear a loud angry noise. You look up, the sky glows with a sharp searing blue light, so powerful, you almost feel the sky is being ripped apart. The very place you call home suddenly seems unfamiliar. Your bones are soaked, your head is heavy, and you feel pathetic, vulnerable, and miserable. There is no place you can turn to, no shield to hide under. Water streaming down your face, hot tears making their way through the streams of cold, heartless rain. You collapse and fall to your knees. In a moment like this, there is only one thing you could do. You raise you hands and cry "help me! Only You can help me!"


The Splendid Sky said...

Mashallah that is such a lovely thing you wrote.. so touching. I really get what you're saying here..

Alhamdolillah you have a talent for writing sis! Inshallah you'll make wonderful use of it..
P.s- you've got a lovely blog here! :)

Marwah said...

I'm feeling exactly how you described :( Only I feel the sky that's being torn apart is in my chest

Mariam said...

Thank you Splendid!!!

Marwah... inshallah you'll feel better soon :) I'll make dua for you!

Texan in UAE said...

masha'a'Allah! lovely! masha'a'Allah!

Mariam said...

Thank you!