Saturday, March 20, 2010

[52/51] Where I've Been Last Week

I've been in Ain Sokhna shooting the 8th African archery championship! My siblings were competing in the tournament. Yes I know.. you're wondering "where does Canada fit in an African championship?" Well, commonwealth countries were invited as well. In addition to Canada, there was New Zealand, Samoa Island, Trinidad and Tobago and Norfolk Island.
I had so much fun! It was the first event I shoot, and it was a bit challenging, since it was a sports event as well.
I met new people and learned new techniques, so overall it was a great experience.
Just in case you're wondering, Babyface is doing great now. He is much better (alhamdulilah). He's gaining weight, eating well, and playing like a monkey!

I am four weeks late for my "project 52" entry, this is week 51's entry.

Here are some of the photos taken at the event.


Fatima said...

Beautiful photography as always, mashAllah! I am glad you had fun, keep us updated on what happens!

Mariam said...

Thanks Fatima!! Glad you liked them! It was really challenging! But as I said.. had loads of fun :)