Saturday, July 11, 2009

[18/52] Sushi, anyone?

The internet got cut off again, but only for a day. This time the modem broke. We got a new one, and the problem got fixed.
So anyway, we made sushi rolls yesterday!! I haven’t had sushi since I came to Egypt, so yea it was GOOD!! We got seaweed, fish eggs, crab sticks, smoked salmon, wasabi, avocado, cucumber and sushi rice. Making sushi rolls was a piece of cake really, not as hard as it looks. Well, my younger brother made them, I just sat there and watched, and occasionally ‘tried’ some of the ingredients to see if they taste good :p
But eventually I was asked to leave the kitchen, since I was distracting them and being useless (and I thought I was finally a grown up!! lol)
They turned out great! Had to drink a ton of water afterwards! But it was worth it :)

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