Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Things I Like About Homeschooling

I’m a homeschooler. Never been to any educational institution so far. The closest thing I’ve been to a school was last year, when I worked as a kindergarten teacher for a few months (didn’t like it, so I quit). I’m supposed to have finished my education and graduated from university by now. But I’m not in a hurry!
Homeschooling had its ups and downs. But from my experience, I think the advantages are more.
So here are the 10 things I like (or liked) about homeschooling :)

1- Not having to study physics and social studies!!
2- Not having my brain stuffed with information I’ll eventually forget
3- Watching other students agonize over exams, while I’m just chillin’!
4- Going to amusement parks on Mondays, and not having to stand for hours waiting for a ride :D
5- Making spontaneous trips in the middle of the week
6- Being creative and unique
7- Not having to suffer peer pressure or become a victim of bullying
8- Having an independent opinion and not being a slave to what’s “in”
9- Having enough time to discover my talents
10- Having a chance to develop my personality without any pressures

Would love to hear your opinion :)


Candice said...

I think that studying all sorts of subjects is beneficial to any person, so I wouldn't skip physics and social studies if I were homeschooling my kids or homeschooled. Of course, I guess you can control how much they get and I guess you might feel they don't need as much as what is normally taught in schools.

Your middle reasons are great bonuses to being homeschooled! Makes me wish I had been or that I could homeschool my daughter. Maybe I will be able to someday. She's only 2 afterall.

Your last 4 or so reasons are the most important. It sucks so much to have all that pressure from other kids to be a certain way. It was such a relief to get to an age where I felt good about who I really was. I am nervous just thinknig about my daughter having to endure all the crap that happens in elementary school.

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Anonymous said...

all your points are great but I would trade all of these for one thing that you can get only in schools ; RELATIONSHIPS ..
I cants imagine my life without the people and networks i got to know through school.