Saturday, July 11, 2009

[16/52] @#$%*!

[16/52] @#$%*!
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Its been five days! I think its official… I’m losing my mind!! Last Monday, the electrician was here fixing some problem with the telephone line. He obviously isn’t qualified enough, and so.. he ruined it instead of fixing it! This resulted in disconnecting the internet. Ok, so how hard could it be to get the line fixed and connected again? Well… apparently, it takes more than you would expect!
The first day was fine. But it felt like there was something missing, like my life was on stand-by. I could deal with a few hours without a connection, right?
The electrician came by on the second day to try and fix the line again.
“The problem could be from the telephone company itself, so try calling them; maybe they could send someone over by tomorrow ma’am”. He doesn’t get it, does he!!!!??? I CAN’T wait till tomorrow!!
Well, tomorrow came; the telephone company called, and informed me that the problem could be from the cable connecting the lines together. And that this was the electrician’s job to fix. I just did not understand a word of what they said, but I was starting to get seriously impatient! One more day passed, and another.. and nothing was fixed. Today I called the electrician, “I’m sorry ma’am I don’t work on weekends”. WHAT??!! And what does he expect me to do? Wait till the week end is over?? (weekends start on Fridays in Egypt) Ok now I’m really frustrated!!! You know that feeling? When you just want to crush anything? Or slam that hairbrush in your hand on the mirror and demolish it??!! AAGGHH!!! That’s exactly what I want to do just now!!! The sound of glass braking would be such a relief! But it also could be a pain in the neck, since I’ll be the one cleaning the mess afterwards!
Hopefully the line would get fixed this Saturday, for the sake of that poor mirror :D

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