Saturday, July 11, 2009

[15/52] You're my honey bunch sugar plum pumpie umpy umpkin... you're my sweetie pie!

This is my second attempt at making cupcakes.. and I think I’m pretty satisfied with the results! Last time was a total catastrophe! It was my first time to bake cupcakes, the cakes themselves turned out all right. But the buttercream was a disaster. I was supposed to add a few drops of food coloring to make it pink, well I added the few drops, and it was still white. So I just poured in some more food coloring, and still.. white! It was really stupid of me.. I should have looked at the bottle first. It was strawberry essence! And it tasted like cough syrup! It said ‘Strawberry Red’ on the bottle, and I thought that was the shade of red. I ended up throwing all the buttercream, and we ate the cupcakes without any frosting.
This time I made cream cheese frosting, and it was really good!
I know it’s not really fancy compared to all of those beautiful cupcakes out there, but I’m still learning :)
Dig in!!

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