Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 Cups of Love - Day 16

 The sail could have been done in a more professional way, I have nothing else to say about this.

Or actually, I do have a lot to say. Not about the making of the photo, but the photo itself. My mind is blocked though. Too much emotions clogging the flow of words.


Anonymous said...

I would have a lot to say too but words would not really define what I feel when I see this lovely tea cup boat.
It just brings Peace, calm, serenity to my heart.
Thanks Mariam, you really have a talent and I am glad you have decided to share it with us all.

jnana said...

Amazing how you continue to be creative even after completing more than half of this challenge! I love this one- very serene..

FM said...

masha allah! your photographs are really creative and have a soft touch to them :)... I was wondering how you managed to make the cup float?

F.emme said...

It's a lovely picture, really makes one wish to sail away. MashaAllah, beautiful job!

CremeBrulee said...

i happened to stumble upon your blog and i adore your photographs so much, they have character and beautiful style. may i know what camera you used to photograph all these pictures?