Sunday, June 19, 2011

30 Cups of Love - Day 12

A few years back I attended an Arabic calligraphy course in our local library. It was very interesting and I did very good, but for some reason I stopped going.
The other day I was looking through some of my old things, and found a bunch of calligraphy pens that I don't remember owning. I felt an instant urge to use them the minute I saw them, although it has been more than four years since I wrote anything with a calligraphy pen. My skills got rusty over the past four years (of not practicing) but I thought I'd give it a try.

Turned out I wasn't that bad, at least my lines weren't that crooked, and the shapes of the letters resembled the likeness of real letters. In other words, they were good. Not great, but good, a little less than good.. fine, yes they were fine..

AND, ladies and gents, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I have fallen in love with Arabic calligraphy, and this can be proved by the stains of ink all over my right hand (does this thing come off with soap, I wonder..? meh..)

After having spent about three hours trying to perfect a word in a design I was copying off of google images a few nights ago, it struck me how much of an idiot I was to quit the course I was attending, so much I could have learned.. so much..

This word here means "mīlestība" (or "love", for you non-Latvian speakers out there), I thought it would be very fitting for the Cups of Love theme, how lame, eh?
I'm proud of it, although I'm sure a professional calligrapher would count a thousand faults in it, but hey! It's mine, and I like it. 


Sabirah said...

I think it is beautiful! I know little to nothing about calligraphy rules/styles...but I think it is really good. You should try to take some more classes!

Anonymous said...

I love calligraphy too. You did a good job, it's lovely, you should definitely take more classes to improve your style, you talk about it with so much passion!

Dunia.S said...

I attended an ARABIC calligraphy coures a few years ago too !!
(this is anther mutual thing ;) )

and i think u have to search again for another calligraphy course, coz u did awesome here :D !
the word and photography they are all just Perfect Mariam

but i have a question here..
what do u mean about this word??
"This word here means "mīlestība"" !

ola said...

Hello Mariam, all I can say is thank God you stumbled upon my blog so that I could come across yours :)

Mariam said...

Ola, welcome!!!

Maymunah said...

That is gorgeous, masha'Allah.

○● nurul athifah ●○ said...

MashaAllah :) It's awesome..I love photograph and calligraphy >,<
your collections are so cool.. Good job!