Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've been adding new pages to this blog, and I thought it's about time I made an About Me page, so here it is.. the new page :)


♥Maryam said...

LoL, your About page was funny and informative MashAllah, but there is one thing i will have to disagree with, WHITE CHOCOLATE is my worst enemy, i dont like it AT ALL!!

I hope you are in the best of state health and Emaan, AsSalaamu 'Alaykum!
from Maryam(my name is Maryam too ^_^)

Mariam said...

Wa alykom alsalam Maryam!!

No way! You don't like white chocolate?!
Maybe you should give it a second chance! I personally believe that white chocolate is a part of heaven!!

Thanks for stopping by!

mille feuille said...

:) so nice...thanks for sharing that!

muslimah93 said...

Assalmu Alaikum, Mariam! I have been following your blog for a whilee; yet because of my procrastination and laziness i haven't commented yet. Haha. I really enjoyed reading your "about me" pageee. I'm homeschooooled toooo! I would sooo like to get to know you better! I don't have a bloggg, but do you have an email address??

Mariam said...

Thanks mille feuille!

Muslimah.. wa alykom alsalam!!
Don't worry about not commenting.. I'm guilty of that as well! There are a few blogs that I follow.. but never had the chance to comment on any of the posts.
How interesting! I was just thinking to myself the other day, I have never met a muslim girl (who's older than 9 years) that has been homeschooled! Or maybe just one..
Here's my email:
I'd love to hear from you!!

Loai nabil said...

salamo alikom mariam!
i just wanted to tell you that the page is awesome and i am really a big fan of your work keep it up :)
we 3eed mobarak 3aleekom w kol 3am wa 2antom be5ayer :)

Mariam said...

Thank you so much Loai for your comment!!! It means a lot!!

W into bekhaier inshallah!!! May Allah bless you and your lovely family :)