Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Week to Say Goodbye

Less than a week, five days to be exact.

I knew this day would come, it was almost inevitable. The day when I would have to give my cats away.
I made a promise a while ago that I would not allow myself to get so attached to a cat again (ever again!), because I know we (as a family) could not have a cat (or a fur ball to be more specific) roaming around the house shedding hair in an environment where almost everyone is deathly allergic to cat hair! So imagine six.

We've had cats before, and lots of them! It got to a point where their number reached 36. But most of them were outdoor cats, with the exception of a few favorites, who were allowed inside the house (and when I say few, I mean about nine!), and that's when things started to get out of hand. My siblings and I were suffering, literally.

We moved from that house to the one we occupy now, and we had to find new homes for the 36 cats that were living in our garden. Some stayed, since they were used to living as outdoor cats in that area, and some went to shelters, and to new homes from there. It was really hard to part with them, hence the promise that I made.

But alas! If you are a cat lover, a cat is bound to find a way back into your heart, whether you like it or not!

It was Lula who started it, she was found wandering on a pavement by my mother at the age of three weeks, and honestly, who can leave a helpless kitten who has not yet developed hunting (or scavenging) skills and would therefore die of hunger? She was lost, and hungry, and missing her mommy! We looked for her mommy, but she was nowhere to be found, and so it was decided that she would come home with us.

Babyface then joined the family, since Lula was feeling lonely and in desperate need of a companion.

Having more kittens was not part of the plan. But we were too late, and Lula became pregnant before we even knew it.

The allergies were under control before the kitties arrived. But somehow it has developed into some sort of mutant monster that was getting out of hand!!! My nose (and my brother's as well) isn't functioning properly any more, I lost my sense of smell, due to it being blocked all day long. Even when it isn't, the strongest of smells cant seem to get recognized by my brain. Not to mention the asthma attacks, the constant sneezing, wheezing and coughing, etc.

And so came the decision to find a new home for the cats. Luckily, my friend (who is as obsessed with cats as I am) offered her house as a new home for them.

*sniff.. sniff*

They're moving out this weekend (insha'allah)...


Anonymous said...

Masha Allah soo cute!! Do you use indoors or sunlight or.. ? (if you get what i mean LOL) :P like night cloudy...

Mariam said...


You mean about the photos?

Anonymous said...


Mariam said...

I used the normal mode, I always use this mode :)

Londoneya said...

This made me want to cry, as though I was losing them too!

mille feuille said...

awww so sad! hope they find great new homes!