Thursday, November 12, 2009

[35/52] When the Creative Bug Bites

I have been disconnected from the internet (again) for almost 9 days. There was a technical problem with the phone line, therefore no internet. I don't want to start venting, because even now after the line had been fixed, I'm still frustrated at the whole who-cares- about-customer-service attitude which I've been treated with. And the fact that I've been calling the phone company non-stop throughout the whole nine days, and getting the same annoying answers over and over. "Thank you for calling customer service, we have received your complaints, your phone line will be fixed within 24 hours. Thank you for calling! Thank you!!"
STOP thanking me and go do your job!!
Lack of customer service is a big disadvantage one faces while living in a third world country, and it saddens me to say that.
I'm going to skip all that and talk about the lovely time I had disconnected from the entire world.

I managed to finish the novel I was reading, which seemed impossible to finish. The characters were very cheerful!!! Despite being poor and their life full of tragic events, one after another. I found that to be very annoying. Yet it was amusing.
And... I made a scrapbook. Its still under construction though. The book is finished. It took quite some time to glue the ribbons on and make it look as girly as possible (sorry, but girly things are still my weakness!) now I have all those blank pages to fill with sweet memories, stickers, more ribbons and anything that could be glued to a page!

Its nice to be back after the agonizingly long week and two days without a connection.
This, of course, is last weeks entry :)


marooned84 said...

What novel was it? and good to have you back :)

Mariam said...

Thank you! Its really good to be back :)
The novel is "Little Women", its a classic.