Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees

[2/52] The Secret Life of Bees
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There is nothing I enjoy more than going out for a walk all by myself. Even if I’m walking in a somewhat crowded place, I feel that I’m the only human in this universe.
Some people would find this feeling suffocating, but I think it would make a person appreciate the world around him more, and pay attention to tiny little details he wouldn’t have noticed while in the company of other people.
I was walking in the club yesterday (clubs in Egypt are more like big parks with caf├ęs, tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, facilities, etc.) and I noticed some humming around a bed of flowers. I came closer and there were around twenty bees buzzing in all directions, they seemed so busy and occupied by what they were doing. They would fly from one flower to the next, and in less than a minute, they would have sucked nectar from more than five flowers at a time.
Oh how I envied them! How is it possible that bees, one of the tiniest of God’s creations, could have more dedication and persistence than us humans?

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