Friday, March 27, 2009

Project 52

Project 52
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The first time I discovered that I have an interest in photography was on a trip to one of our relatives' farm here in Cairo. I noticed that I was enjoying myself while shooting some of the flowers there, and when I uploaded them to my computer and showed them to my family, their first response was; “Have you copied that from Google images?”
That was almost a year ago.
Now that my photography skills have developed a “little”, I thought now is the best time to start project 365, I liked the idea very much since I also love writing, and I thought photography and writing would make a really good couple.
But shooting a photo everyday is not very easy, and like I have seen from many other photographers, once someone is out of ideas and things to shoot, you start taking pictures that lack quality and or substance just for the mere reason of taking a picture. Simply filling in the blanks.
So I came up with the idea of project 52, which is taking a photo once a week, or a collection of photos combined together to represent one week for a whole year. But I discovered that other people have done the same thing, so it wasn’t just my own idea, cool!
I know I have started late, seeing that it’s already March now, but I thought a year is a year, where it started it will end.
So here we go!
توكلت على الله :)

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