Friday, March 27, 2009

Drying Me Some Flowers

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The other day I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift. I don’t really like receiving flowers as gifts, I feel so sorry for the poor flowers! I think they would have preferred it if they were left alone in their own environment, with all their other flower friends. Besides, I think it can sometimes be a waste of money, seeing that flowers only last for a few days.
So I thought why not dry them? I haven’t dried any flowers before, so I thought it could be fun, and the poor flowers would live a little longer :)
After a little searching on the world wide web, I found two methods for drying flowers.
The first method is air drying, which is to hang the flower up-side-down for almost three weeks until they are totally dry.
The second method is dry them using glycerin.
I thought I could try the glycerin, since they said the results would turn out better, I used only half of the flowers.
For every 2 parts of water, you add 1 part glycerin, and fill a pot up to 5 inches of this solution and let the flowers soak for almost 24 hours. You would have to keep flipping them every now and then so that the solution would get to each part of the flowers.
After that you let them dry and then tie them with strings and hang them up-side-down in a dark dry place for about two to three weeks.
My Flowers are still soaking, so I guess I would tell you how they turn out in about two weeks insha’Allah :)

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