Friday, August 13, 2010

The Ramadan Journal- Day 2 and 3

Due to lack of sleep, and some other thing I'm sure you won't be interested in reading about, I missed yesterday's post.

The past two days taught me that things don't always go according to plan. Actually, they always NEVER do.
I have been planning to do certain things this Ramadan, starting from day one. I set a schedule for myself, I'm going to do this and do that, I never came around to doing any of what I've planned on doing.
I know.. Ramadan just started, and I've still got about 27 days to go, but still, I feel a bit disappointed.

I have a feeling the coming days are going to be different though..

On a side note, my grandmother is here visiting from Toronto.
Gramdmas are such wonderful things! They are truly a blessing! Having them around makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, they bring such beautiful, bright cheerfulness, and make home feel more "home-y"!


Stephanie said...

The picture of your grandmothers hands evokes so many emotions...Ramadan Mubarek to you and your family.

Mariam said...

Thank you Stephanie!! Ramadan mubarak to you too!!

Ingy said...

don't even start coz i aslo was planning to do a lot of things but i don't know what had happen the time just flee away .

by the way i like what your granny is doing in that pic even i tried to lean embroidery before it's not that difficult but it takes time .
it looks that your granny is an artist :)

Mariam said...

Thanks Ingy!
Yes subhanallah!! Time flies!
By the way, embroidery isn't that hard! In fact.. it's really easy! You should try again :)

Thank you for dropping by!