Wednesday, August 11, 2010

هلا رمضان!

So, today was the first day of Ramadan!! I was looking forward to this day for sometime. I know.. who doesn't? But somehow this time feels different. For some odd reason I feel more mature this Ramadan. I feel more aware of how much of a blessing this month really is. More grateful for this opportunity to cleanse my soul and strengthen my relationship with my creator.

So I've decided to create a mini to-do list to keep track of things I want to accomplish during this month. So here goes!

1- read a chapter of Quran a day

2- complete my Ramadan reading list

3- pray taraweeh everyday

(I know, you must be wondering "Three things? Thats it?!" but believe me, they're a handful!)

One other thing that I wanted to do was keep a Ramadan journal, where I'll list one thing (or several things) that I'll learn everyday. I think this will be a very encouraging project, since I NEED motivation in order to be productive.

So watch this space! (if you're interested, that is..)


mille feuille said...

:) Happy Ramadan!

Mariam said...

Happy Ramadan to you too!! :)

Londoneya said...

Omg, did you take that photograph? IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've out done yourself!!! Mashallah! Happy Ramadan!

Mariam said...

Yes I did :$ shank you!!
Happy Ramadan right back atcha!! :D