Saturday, October 24, 2009

[33/52] Goodbye Summer.. you won't be missed...

Its official, Summer in Egypt is over, and I'm so glad it is! I usually mark the end of Summer when my bare feet start freezing at night! To say the truth, I don't really like Summer at all. Especially in Egypt. Its hot, sticky, humid, and HOT! Enjoying outdoor activities is out of the question, and people would rather stay confined to their homes, and enjoy the blessings of air conditioners.
(I'm still talking about Egyptian Summer)
If, however, you were forced to leave your house for emergencies, like running out of icecream or soda, you are most likely to experience the most unpleasant activity of your adult life.
The air you breath is suffocating and lacking oxygen (if that's scientifically possible). And If you were lucky enough to have a car (with an AC) usually the AC won't be strong enough to cool your car down, especially if you had leather seats, unless you were a millionaire and your car is a Maybach. What makes it even more unpleasant are the people who are always frustrated (because of the heat of course), and they tend to release all their frustration on you. A simple thing as accidentally stepping on someone's shoes, or bumping into them could end up in the emergency room, or someone getting arrested.
Those are a few examples of what could happen to ruin your day had you ventured to leave your house, and make you wish you never had.
So, for many, many other reasons, Summer is far from being my favorite season. Even in Canada I prefer Autumn and Winter to Summer. And since I've been home-schooled my entire life, I never considered Summer to be the season of holiday and relaxation, and was able to judge the other seasons fairly.

There are, however, a few things I like about Summer... and most of those few things can only be found in Canada :(

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