Friday, October 23, 2009

[31/50] Portal Through Time

Went to Azhar Park yesterday. It's in old Cairo, near Saladin Citadel . I live on the opposite side of old Cairo, its a new city, and I don't get to see those beautiful old buildings that often. Its amazing to be walking among that many remarkable sights of an old civilization. It makes you feel like you're walking inside a history book!!

Its really fascinating when you think of it that way!! I tried imagining those Arabian knights on their black stallions, walking up to the gates of the citadel, and all the events that took place on these very grounds!!
I tried to imagine the place even before the citadel was built, and watch in quick motion as the builders pile brick over brick, then the place is finished and people start storming in. Then wars happen, huge armies, horses and catapults shooting flaming balls of fire.Then peace. Then watched as the four seasons pass by (still in quick motion :p) A hundred years pass.. two hundred. Three hundred, new houses being built. Five hundred, nine hundred. The place starts to decay. Ugly new buildings start growing up from the ground. Bridges being built. Bridges opened. Cars and trucks pass by. The ugly building collapse, new ugly buildings start to rise up again. And then Alien invaders, and flying saucers start shooting that red light and destroying all of humanity!!

This shot was taken at the park. It over looks all of old Cairo. As though it's a magical garden of a palace, with a portal through time, to the future...

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