Saturday, September 5, 2009

[23/52] .."I've been thrown in the streets, tortured, hit by cars and almost starved to death, will you take me home and give me the love and care I deserve?"

Last Tuesday I went to visit a cat shelter here in Cairo looking for a companion for my cat Lula. There are about four or five shelters in Cairo, and I heard that recently one of them got shut down. (I don't understand how a cat shelter can get shut down, but never the less). The shelter I went to visit is run by a very kind lady and has over 200 cats. She also rescues dogs, and foxes. At first I didn't understand why foxes needed to be rescued, but then the lady explained to me that foxes are being hunted down by fur traders.
The shelter, called "Touch of Life" is in fact the lady's house. Its a three story building, and has about seven rooms. When I first entered, it seemed like a totally different planet in there! There were dozens and dozens of cats everywhere!! For me it was like a child in a candy store! The cats are free to roam the house as they like, they're not locked up in cages. Its like a big HUGE cat family. It was really heart breaking for me to hear the stories of the rescued cats, some have been in really horrible situations.
When I asked the lady how she receives donations, I was really surprised to hear that she doesn't! The whole place is funded by her monthly income!! I felt like it was my obligation to let people know about the shelter and help her raise funds, So if anyone here in Cairo is interested in helping, let me know!!

This is Snoopy, a very kind and loving male cat. He was also rescued from the streets of Cairo. He is a Mau mix breed. Mostly known as Tabby, or Baladi in Egyptian.

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