Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fatima Krayim

Hello again world, it's me.

More than 3 months have passed since I wrote a proper blog post, and this is due to the state of mourning I have been in. More than 4000 (some say over 10,000) of my people have been massacred over the past 7 months, and I was having a hard time dealing with that fact. If you're confused as to what I'm talking about, I mean the Syrian people, who are being killed on a daily basis, while the whole world watches.

This state of mourning I'm in is preventing me from going on with my daily life. I'm finding it really hard to get back to my daily routine. Things I enjoyed doing are no longer a source of joy for me. The longer this situation lasts, the deeper I fall into this pitless hole. The more news I watch, the more I feel worthless for not being able to help or assist these people in anything.
But it's an unchangeable fact, I'm here, they're there, I cant go there, and nothing can be done to help from where I am. Except tweet about what's happening.. of course.

Thinking about this the other night, I came to a conclusion that this will only lead to depression, and I need to drag myself out of this hole. I'm doing more harm than good by allowing myself to deteriorate.

As a start, I decided I'm going to finally start working on the "365 photography project", I have been wanting to do that for a while, and I suppose now would be a good time.

The first entry of this project is a tribute to Syrian martyrs, those who are dying for the sake of truth.

Fatima Krayim - Duma, 1985-2011

So, who is Fatima Krayim? Fatima is a young woman from the city of Duma, a suburb of Damascus.
She had recently graduated from university. She was pregnant with her first child. A young woman who has got her whole life ahead of her.

On the fateful day of August 12th, 2011, Fatima was killed.

She was not killed on the streets while protesting against the regime that had killed thousands of her own people, no, a sniper's shot ended her life while she was peacefully reading Quran in the safety of her own home.

One bullet that targeted her balcony, one shooter and feelings of utter hate, bought an end to the life of Fatima and the life within her.

I will not start asking rhetorical questions as to the reasons why something like this has to happen. Nor how could a human being kill another with cold blood, etc etc. .. it will be pointless of me to do so.

Simply put, it's the eternal fight between good and evil, it never ends.. your role here is to chose which side you're on.

Fatima's story is one of thousands. Why I chose her story specifically is because I somehow connected with her. Her story touched my heart and made me realize that certain things in this life demand real sacrifices, ones that not many people are willing to give.

Fatima's home, blood marks on the floor and her husband telling the story of how she was shot


All my wonders... said...

By the mercy of Allah (swt), She will be in Jannah with her child and inshaAllah united with her husband!

I can't believe how she died. :(

All my wonders... said...

Great photo by the way! MashaAllah

jnana said...

You're right: the battle between good and evil began with the creation of man, and if we do not have the capacity to change things, we must do the minimum required of us which is to distinguish between the right and wrong.

Sabirah said...
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Anonymous said...

Subhanallah! May Allah (swt) grant Fatima janatul firdaws and the Syrian people justice. Ameen.

While I was in high school/early college...I went through a period like the one your in at the moment. I had so many things I was upset about. Darfur, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. I would passionately speak about the topics and recommend documentaries and then get upset that no one cared...and that I couldn't do much for them.

A good friend of mine gave me these reminders: This is all qadr of Allah (swt). Everything happens for a reason. When the Prophet (saw) and the Sahabah were being tortured and were forced to leave Makkah...they were being tested and there was a greater wisdom in it. Always remember that the most powerful thing we have is du'a.

You can do something for your Syrian brothers and sisters...all of humankind that is suffering all can pray for them. Pray with sincere faith that Allah (swt) is listening. You will find peace of mind in that.