Monday, August 1, 2011

A Cry of Freedom

It's 6:30 am, I'm sitting alone in the living room while the residents of the household are all asleep. Early morning rays are shyly peeking in from between the closed curtains, it is very peaceful at the moment. Today is the second day of Ramadan..

But somewhere else on this earth, somewhere not far from here, a massacre is taking place.
This place is called Syria. My home. It's my home, yet my feet never walked on its dirt.
Here I am, hundreds of miles away, sitting on my couch in my Cairo home, witnessing the worst of crimes being committed against my people, my family, against humanity..(!) while the only thing I could do is cry, tweet, and pray to the All Mighty..

I am crying, yet I envy those who have been martyred and their families. They have showed the world what the true definition of freedom is. They are being killed, tortured, their women being raped, their houses torched down, yet their courage is one of a kind.

I have read books, of warriors of old, their courage, their determination and bravery, their epic battles.. and sometimes I'd feel as if I'm reading about a different race of humans. Were they angels sent by God from heaven? No, they weren't.
I would sometimes ask myself, would there come a day when we'd witness such bravery in our modern day?
The answer would sometimes come as "yes, we might", but with that answer would come the image of me, all old and grey, probably with half of my memories erased from my mind due to old age, hearing about a group of young people in a distant land who are no longer willing to tolerate oppression, lies, deceit, hypocrisy and conspiracies.
A group of young people who will only bow before their creator, and therefore are free. Free of all the chains our modern world oppress us with, in the name of liberty and human rights.
I would shed a tear or two, whisper a prayer or two, and die in peace, knowing that finally, the walls of fear are crumbling.

I am still in my twenties, I am still young. My memories are still intact, and I'm hearing of a group of people.
A group of young people, and old people, fighting oppression.
They're not from a distant land, they're from MY land.
They will only bow before their creator, and for that they are being massacred while the whole world watches in silence.

سوريا .. الله حاميكي

Have a nice day.


Misha said...

So beautifully written. May Allah (SWT) make it easier for the Muslims suffering around the world.

jnana said...

May Allah ease their suffering and the suffering of all the oppressed around the world.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

y-day we went on a demonstration in front of the Syrian embassy here in Amman, Jordan.
It`s not much but the least one can do! Our sisters & brothers are slaughtered there :(

الله يحميهم و يكون معهم و مع كل مقهور مظلوم


Anonymous said...

So well written Mariam that we can feel the pain of the people from Syria. May we all remember them in our prayers and May God hear our cries.
Take care.