Monday, July 25, 2011

Enslaved to "Their" Freedom

I wrote this piece about two years ago, and since everyone is talking about "freedom" these days, and seeing how disgusted I am with the Western definition of freedom, I thought I'd share my take on this misused word.

"Today, I am grateful for being a free person. For being able to think with a clear mind and to see, not just look. I am grateful for not being controlled by the media and hypnotized by music, mind-controlling song lyrics and subliminal messages in commercials, movies and even children's cartoons.

To have a vision is something rare these days. It amazes me how the general public allow certain groups of people to take over their lives. To dictate what we should and should not do. What we should wear, how we should think, what actions we should take, and present us with disposable, ready-made personalities and characteristics. Use them, achieve their goals, dispose of them, and present us with brand new glittery ones. "Change", they call it.

Lies are becoming the new facts, and facts are being ridiculed. Simply because they sound absurd, simply because "they" said so.
Talking about this subject is never ending, and probably some of you might disagree and find the whole idea preposterous.

But I am grateful.. grateful for not being a part of this evil cycle, and not being enslaved to "their" freedom. Freedom is not just having the right to chose something over the other, blue over green, or pink over red. It's having the right to KNOW what blue is, and what red is."

Final whisper..

Syrians.. you have proved to the whole world that you are, indeed, free..  the years and years of  mindless abuse could not oppress your free spirits! It only made you stronger.. so stay strong! 

2 comments: said...

I loved what you wrote! manshallah speak the truth !! & this wont help or anything but i'm for whats happening in syria and how the media (atleast heree) isn't giving it much (or any) attention :/

Misha said...

Such beautiful words. Unfortunately not everyone seems to think this way!

P.S. I love your photos on the blog, so artsy!