Saturday, January 1, 2011

To Celebrate or to Lament?

Cuddled in my warm fleece blanket on the sofa, reading of Catherine Morland's terrifying thoughts as she prepared herself for bed, stealing glances through her window in search of something that may confirm her doubts. The glimmer of General Tileny's lamp through the window opposite her's, perhaps.

I was too deeply engrossed in Jane Austin's classic, that I failed to notice the lights glimmering through my window, and the loud noise coming from our neighbors' backyard. I paused for a second, thinking maybe it's another birthday party, then I remembered.. it's new year's eve!!!

While sitting there on the sofa, I looked back at 2010, and thought how fast the year went by, and how much I regret not having accomplished most of what I had planned on accomplishing. One more year of my life here on earth flew by, and now I'm one year closer to death. One year of my life just came to an end.
How ironic were these thoughts, and the fact that the inhabitants of the house opposite to ours were celebrating.

I'm not pessimistic. I am far from being that. I am not depressed, nor have I ever looked at the cup half empty (maybe during my teenage years I have, but who hasn't?!) I am only rational.

Who, with a sane mind, would celebrate losing one year of their lives? Send greeting cards to loved ones, party, and give presents? The only possible explanation is, that it's purely commercial.
Or that it's a way of getting their minds off the sad fact that they have just lost one more year of their precious lives. But still, not a reason for celebration.

On a different note, my exhibition went really well last week! I sold 7 of my prints. It was really good for a first time, and I hope it won't be the last. The place was really nice, although a little tight. At one point, people were bumping into each other just standing there.

(He really liked the yellow jasmine!)

May Allah bless you and your loved ones, and may this year be full of happiness, joy and peace for all of us!

*I am only praying to God and hoping that this year would bring peace and joy to all, so no.. I am not contradicting myself*


أم ترافيس said...

mashaa Allah sis! spectacular! inshaa Allah you will have many, many more shows! (hopefully a little closer to me ;)

Elisa said...

Congratulations sister!!! Your pics are amazing, masha'allah! I pray you will go far with you talent and succeed in all that is good in life. Ameen.
Happy New Year!

UmmUmarNY said...

Loved it Mariam!!! I'm sure I would have purchased a few of those pictures myself!!!! Keep it up :D

..and no, you are not pessimistic... this is the correct frame of mind to be in!!! At least that's exactly how I think, so there! :D

LuLu said...

MashAllah those photos are lovely...

muslimah93 said...

You're a really talented photographer, mashallah!!!! I'm impressed!! =P

mille feuille said...

Congratulations on your show!!!!

I think people celebrate not losing a year but that they have another chance at making a new start.

Happy New Year!

Misha said...

Wow gorgeous photos! And I agree with the comment above; it's not the fact that you lost a year but that you have a brand new opportunity in another new one :)

Sabirah said...


My husband shares the same views as you do, however in regard to birthdays. My family was big on birthdays and when I married him he gave me the same kind of reasoning as to why he doesn't celebrate it. It really got me thinking.

What amazes me is how much time we waste. I speak about myself first and foremost. I can look back at 2010 and pinpoint all the moments I lost that could have been used more wisely. Insha'Allah, let's make du'a with the help of Allah (swt) that our time has barakah in it and let's work towards making better use of it.

Btw...I would love your photos! My husband doesn't like decorations on the walls, but I will wear him down into agreeing one day, Insha'Allah.

Mariam said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments!!

@UmmUmar, thanks for your support! Glad there is someone out there who thinks I'm not crazy for thinking so!

@Mille feuille and Misha, yes you have a point there, but still, I don't think celebrating it makes sense! Feeling excited about the opportunities a new year would bring, setting goals and making resolutions is a great thing though! I'm totally not against that! Don't get me wrong! well, that's my opinion anyways :)

@Sabirah, yes, the amount of time we waste is unimaginable. Sometimes we just sit there and intentionally waste time! Just because we have nothing else to do. This is really sad, and sometimes I am guilty of doing that too.. but at lease I'm admitting it! May Allah forgive us, and grant us mercy :)
Inshallah your husband will agree to that :) I'm sure if he saw something beautiful he won't mind :)

UmmUmarNY said...

@Mariam... Didn't Nabi(saw) say (words to the effect) "If you knew what I know you would laugh less and weep more.." ..while seeing the upcomming year as an opportunity for good deeds, it's ironic some celebrate so much yet fall short on using that time wisely... Yah Allah!!! ..Just an after thought!!

Life's Balance Beam said...

Mashaallah! Your exhibition looked lovely! Do you ship internationally? (to the u.s) i'd totally buy one!

Mariam said...

@Labella, yes I do!! You could also visit my website and choose any other photo (other than the ones shown here) or any photo that you have seen here on this blog.

This is the website address:

Contact me via email (also found on the website) for more info :)

LabellaIman said...

Thanks so much! you could also sign up on and sell ur things there!! i'm working on opening a vintage shop there and selling my handmade items! I wish u the best success with your photography because you're work is realllly awesome! Mashaallah!

LabellaIman said...

I also wanted to know if i could display some of your work on my blog? I Love art of All kind, and i'd love to display urs!

Iman said...

Ive been through all your blog since the day i have discovered it and mashallah i really like your unique style of photography that inspires me alot. I wish you the best success because you're a talented photographer.

Naimah said...

Masha'Allaah that's great you run an exhibition of your work, well done!

ريـان said...

nice ... good luck