Saturday, April 24, 2010

I ♥ Alex!!

I love Alexandria!! It's such a beautiful city! The weather there is almost always nice, the buildings are lovely, the sea is calming and very peaceful, and there is something vintage in the Alexandrian air that I just love! Here are some of the photos I took on my last trip there..

The lighthouse at Montazah Park (my favorite place!)

The Library of Alexandria

Qaitbay Citadel

Taken from inside the Citadel

A view from Montazah Park

Sunset at Motazah Park

Sunset at Stanly bridge

One more sunset shot :)

Hope you've enjoyed the photos!


UM said...

Fantastic photos! :D

Mariam said...

Thank you!! Wish you were there!!

Mona said...

Wonderful shots Mariam!!

Mariam said...

Thank you Mona!! Glad you liked them :)

Saba said...

Beautiful pictures! I would love to go one day, Insha'Allah.

Zuhra said...


Life's Balance Beam said...

Salamualaikum! New comer here and i LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Mashaallah! And i love Alex toooooo!! I miss it so bad, i have the urge to move back and never return to the states! Any who, i've been wanting to get into photography for so long and you're super inspiring mashaallah! what kind of camera do you use? and do you use photo shop? Jazakaallahu khair in advanced!! Ramadan Mubarak ^_^

Mariam said...

Welcome to my lil blog!
Yes Alex is amazing mashallah!! I wish I could live there instead of Cairo!

Well, I use a Canon 50D camera, and yes I do use photoshop.. :)